AGM to be held at 11.00am on Thursday 23rd October 2014 at the YMCA, Hereford Street, Christchurch

As previously advised the 2014 Annual General Meeting of Outdoors New Zealand will be held on:

  • Date:  Thursday 23rd October 2014
  • Venue: YMCA, Hereford Street, Christchurch
  • Time:  TBA
  • Register:  For further information or if you wish to attend please register by emailing  by 20th of October.  


Please note that the AGM is open to members of Outdoors New Zealand only. Multiple people from member organisations may attend, however only one nominated person per organisation will be supplied with the official papers may have voting rights.


Many ONZ members and supporters have been asking where ONZ has reached in its discussions with Sport New Zealand and the future of funding to the outdoors, which Sport NZ has decided should be delivered through NZRA. A delegation of the ONZ Board met with Sport NZ and NZRA last week and the short story is that we have agreement to an INTERIM solution until October next year. The highlights of this are:

  • ONZ carries on as an advocacy body.
  • NZRA gets SNZ funding.
  • ONZ is on recruitment panel for Outdoor Manager (interviews are on Nov 6).
  • ONZ nominates a person for NZRA Board (for discussion at Forum/AGM).
  • ONZ nominates 3 people for NZRA Adivsory group - which will also include the ONZ nominated Board member, and an NZRA Board member. 
  • Advisory group advises on SNZ KPIs, and how we work out what happens after interim period. (Eg: end of ONZ, creation of new entity, or what). 
  • NZRA reports to SNZ as per funding contract, ONZ provides feedback direct to SNZ on achievement of KPIs and content of report etc.

To find out more come to the AGM and Forum.

Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th October 2014 at the YMCA, Hereford Street, Christchurch

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards

The ONZ Board



Outdoors New Zealand has passed on ownership of Outdoorsmark to Skills Active. The reasons for this are too complex to discuss here but will be discussed at the ANNUAL OUTDOORS FORUM next month.

On the 18th June 2014 Skills Active was recognised by WorkSafe NZ to carry out adventure activities audits.

Skills Active is a large not for profit organisation with a strong infrastructure to ensure OutdoorsMark audits will be completed to the accustomed high standard at reasonable cost.

Skills Active has chosen to invest in this high quality outdoor safety auditing programme as it believes in doing so it will provide an important service to the outdoor sector. They are determined to develop and resource OutdoorsMark so that it is the outdoor safety audit of choice for operators, giving the best assurance of safe practice.

Skills Active will maintain an auditor group that are not only experienced auditors but are also outdoor recreation specialists who hold high level outdoor qualifications. Skills Active believe this will be an important point of difference from other audit providers who are likely to use generic Health and Safety auditors supported by technical experts. OutdoorsMark auditors will also need to use technical experts but only for the adventure activities in your operation that they do not have technical expertise for.


On the 1st of May 2014, Outdoors NZ sold OutdoorsMark to Skills Active.

Skills Active will take over the OutdoorsMark programme as of June 30, 2014 (or earlier by agreement with Outdoors NZ). 

Getting an OutdoorsMark audit

Currently the first point of contact is this website it is the platform that provides you with up to date information about OutdoorsMark, the range of products they offer, the audit process, the application form and contact information.