OutdoorsMark Categories

OutdoorsMark has three categories 

1) OutdoorsMark: Document Review

If operators offer activities on public conservation land, they need to obtain a concession from the Department of Conservation.

OutdoorsMark Document Review certification is proof of an independently audited safety plan and meets the requirements of the Department of Conservation's concession process.

2) OutdoorsMark: Adventure Activities

If operators offer adventure activities that come within the scope of the Adventure Activities Regulations and must pass a safety audit to be registered.

OutdoorsMark Adventure Activities certification enables an operation to be registered, and thus conform to the regulations.

This category only covers the activities listed in the Adventure Activity Regulations. Any other activities offered by the operator, that are not covered by the regulations, will not be audited.

3) OutdoorsMark: Premium

OutdoorsMark Premium Certificaion is for operators who elect to have a comprehensive safety audit.

This category could include:

  • Operators who are not covered under any regulations but want an OutdoorsMark audit
  • Operators who offer regulated adventure activities but also offer other activities. They want to have their whole operation included in the OutdoorsMark audit. 

All categories of the OutdoorsMark audit are rigorous. Operators must undertake a self-assessment and provide audit evidence for a document review, followed by an on-site evaluation. The document review assesses the design of the operator's safety management system; the on-site evaluation assesses the implementation of the safety management system in the field.