OutdoorsMark application

Special note about the sale of OutdoorsMark 

As has been publicly notified, OutdoorsNZ has sold the OutdoorsMark programme to Skills Active Aotearoa Ltd, who are a not for profit company owned by the Sport Fitness and Recreation sectors. Skills Active will take over the OutdoorsMark programme as of June 30, 2014 ( or earlier by agreement with OutdoorsNZ). To be able to audit to the Adventure Activities Regulations, Skills Active must achieve accreditation with JASANZ as a conformity accreditation body. this process is expected to be completed before the handover date.

We wish to make you aware that if you start an audit now with OutdoorsNZ the process may be completed by Skills Active if the audit has not been completed by the time of ownership transfer to Skills Active.

In the unlikely event that Skills Active is unable to achieve CAB accreditation, both Outdoors NZ and Skills Active agree to transfer the operators audit documents and interim reports, along with any balance remaining from prepayments received from the operator, where incurred audit expenses have been deducted , to a CAB of the operators choice.

By completing this application form you are registering your interest in the OutdoorsMark programme. You are under no obligation to enter an agreement at this point.

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