Outdoors NZ contracts auditors from a list, or register, of approved outdoor safety auditors. These individuals assess safety management systems against the benchmark audit criteria contained in the OutdoorsMark audit.

OutdoorsMark auditors are independent contractors to Outdoors NZ.

OutdoorsMark auditors aim to achieve consistent, high-quality auditing standards, which enhance safety in the outdoor sector.  OutdoorsMark auditors must maintain their currency in the necessary outdoor and audit qualifications, undergo training and moderation, and comply with a Code of Conduct covering areas such as confidentiality, inducements, and conflicts of interest.

OutdoorsMark auditors may also perform consultancy work for clients, provided there is no conflict of interest when it comes time to audit the work. It is not uncommon for OutdoorsMark auditors, acting as consultants, to have their safety material audited by another OutdoorsMark auditor. This situation is managed by the OutdoorsMark Programme Manager to ensure impartiality.