Process for OutdoorsMark: Adventure Activities and Premium

The steps to OutdoorsMark Adventure Activities and Premium Certification

There are four steps to gaining OutdoorsMark Adventure Activities and Premium Certification.

  1. Application and engagement 
  2. Document review
  3. On-site evaluation
  4. Outcome and certification 

The timeframe from application to closing out the audit should not exceed 3 months


Process for OutdoorsMark Adventure Activities and Premium Certification

Application and engagement (Estimated time frame 2 weeks)

  1. You complete and submit the application form by clicking on Apply Now
  2. Outdoors NZ acknowledges receipt of the application.
  3. Outdoors NZ sends you an Operator Profile form and an invoice for the application fee of $250 + GST.
  4. You return the completed Operator Profile form and pay the application fee.
  5. Outdoors NZ sends you an audit engagement letter based on information from the Operator Profile form and discussions with you. The letter will include a fee estimate for the audit, the name of your auditor and an audit plan. If you accept the terms of audit engagement you sign and return the engagement letter to Outdoors NZ. 
  6. Outdoors NZ sends you the audit form and an invoice for the engagement fee. The engagement fee is 75% of the audit estimate.
  7. You return the completed audit form along with safety management system documents and pay the invoice. This will initiate the Audit

Stage 1 Document Review 

  1. Your auditor conducts the document review using the audit form and your safety management system documentation.
  2. During the process your auditor will contact you to discuss the document review and/or for clarification or to request additional information.
  3. If applicable, you supply the necessary information to enable your auditor to finish the initial review.
  4. If your documents conform or there are only minor non-conformities you are supplied with a preliminary document review report. 
  5. You are required to address any non-conformity prior to the On-site Evaluation. 
  6. You and your auditor agree on a date and location for the On-site Evaluation.
  7. If your documents have major non-conformities your audit may be put on hold until these are rectified.


Stage 2 On-site Evaluation 

  1. Your auditor and/or technical expert(s) conduct the on-site evaluation at the agreed times and places.
  2. The on-site evaluation must sample a sufficient range of activity. The audit plan and estimate of cost will reflect what is to be assessed. If technical experts are required, you will be informed. 

Responsibility for the health and safety of Outdoors NZ audit team members is carried by Outdoors NZ. We must ensure these persons have the appropriate technical competency, clothing and equipment to participate safely.

Outcome and Certification 

  1. Your auditor provides verbal feedback to you and an indication of the recommendation - PASS or DEFER.  
  2. Your auditor submits an interum report to Outdoors NZ.
  3. Outdoors NZ processes the report, moderates it and sends it to you.
  4. If the decision is to defer, you have one month to rectify the nonconformities that led to the deferral.
  5. The aditional information required should be submitted to your auditor
  6. You have ten days to accept the report and/or the audit process.
  7. Your auditor submits the final report to Outdoors NZ
  8. Outdoors NZ processes the report, moderates it and sends it to you
  9. Outdoors NZ issues the final report, and invoice. 
  10. You pay the invoice.
  11. If you have passed, Outdoors NZ will then send you OutdoorsMark certification material.